• KOPROMA rolling mills for the production of high performance grinding balls.

rolling mills

Koproma and its experienced engineers can supply complete installations for the production of grinding balls, from the handling of cold bar to the final packaging of the finished ball. Koproma rollings mills are all specially designed to meet customers’ production requirements. We can provide any combination of know-how, drawings, and equipment for furnaces, heat treatment systems, roll manufacturing, or conveyor systems.

The koproma rolling method

The bar is heated by an induction heater or in a walking beam furnace. The hot bar leaves the heater/furnace on a roller table and is then transversely moved on a chain conveyor into the inlet trough of the mill from where it is pushed into the rolling area. The hot bar is fed through the mill under rotation and is converted into a series of balls which drop out on the other side.

Koproma mills are supplied with multistart rolls which enable them to produce more than one ball per revolution. The red-hot balls dropping out of the mill are conveyed to the heat treatment equipment for quenching and tempering.

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