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  • KS315 Cold Saw for cutting tubes, pipes, bars and extrusions.


Abrasive cutting machines

Efficiency, power and precision are qualities that should be demanded of a modern pipe and rod crosscutting machine.

The latest technical advances in power transmission have given our designers a unique opportunity to provide these qualities without having to waive user-friendliness and ergonomics.

Several sizes and different degrees of automation allow for adaptation to most types of applications.

Electric or hydraulic transmission?
The choice is yours. Of course, both alternatives have fully balanced rotational speed control for optimal cutting performance.

A wide power range (4 – 350 kW) and cutting wheel dimension (300 – 1250 mm).

The unit is easy to integrate into existing production lines, but may also be delivered complete with handling equipment and customised control system.

Maximal availability for cutting wheel replacement and maintenance.

Cold saw KS315

Compact design for easy integration in existing production lines. Small footprint eases installation requirements. 

HSS or TCT saw blades can both be used. Enabling an assortment of materials ranging from ex. Aluminium to Hardened steel. 

Continously Variable cutting speeds and feeds for optimal cutting. Correct input, along with forced cooled saw blades, extends blade life.

Workholding via variable pressure hydraulic actuators for secure cutting of both thin-walled tubing and homogeneous bars or extrusions.

Simple operator controls via HMI touchscreen. Quick and easy set-up due to capabilty of saving specific cutting parameters. “Recipe-Control”

Capacity for cutting tubes, pipes, bars and extrusions with equivalent cross-section of Ø6-40mm

Safe operation due to compact design and implementation of onboard safety-functions and systems.

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