• Crosscutting

  • Deburring machines

  • Pipe and rod handling

  • Scrap shears

  • Rolling mills



A new era means new demands on technical development as well as on the work environment. Ease of maintenance and ergonomics are obvious factors in today’s steel industry. We have taken this into consideration and equipped our emery crosscutters with easy-to-open dust-proof sealers to provide maximum accessibility for cutting wheel exchange and maintenance.

Choose between hydraulic or electrically powered cutting wheels. Naturally, both systems have fully balanced rotational speed control in order to maintain optimal cutting quality, regardless of cutting wheel wear.


Our patented method of effective deburring removes all sharp burrs from pipe- and rod ends.
This method works by means of a rotating steel brush working on a non-rotating blank. The brush only affects the burrs projecting from the surface of the object, resulting in a minimal waste of material.

The internal monitoring system allows for easy adjustment of size, brush pressure, number of revolutions, etc. Precision deburring contributes to the high quality of the final product and protects customers and employees from injuries caused by cuts and problems with follow-up work.

Pipe and rod handling

A complete plant includes far more than just processing machinery. Raw material and final products have to be packed and transported.

To satisfy these requirements, we have developed an advanced system of handling pipes and tubes, including solutions for inspection, optimisation, buffering and packing.

Scrap shears

Our scrap shears minimize the risk of personal injury at the same time as ensuring you get a better price for your scrap. Metal straps and thin-walled tubes are efficiently split into the desired sizes. A variety of extra equipment in different sizes and versions means the shears can be adapted to most applications.

Rolling mills

Our rolling mill hot rolls bars into crushing balls for ore breaking in a continuous process. This method has unique advantages over hot forging and casting. Its main features are a high yield factor and low energy consumption. We can of course offer complete production lines, including heating, hardening and annealing.   

Stud cutters

Kopromas tunnplåtssaxar kännetecknas av hög prestanda och snabba omställ.

Klippskären sitter monterade i enkelt löstagbara kassetter. Detta innebär att man kan ha flera kassetter injusterade för de vanligast förekommande plåtprofilerna.

Saxarna kan arbeta ensamma eller i produktionslina ihop med annan utrustning.

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