Adding to our already wide range of abrasive cutting machines.
Koproma Engineering launches KS315, our first cold saw cutting machine.

Utilizing both HSS and TCT saw blades KS315 is capable of cutting an asortment of materials. Ranging from mild steel and aluminium to harder tool- and stainless steels.
With a capacity of an equivalent cross-section of Ø6-40mm, KS315 can cut a wide range of tubes, pipes, bars and extrusions. With a large selection of saw blades, Ø275-315mm, in combination with fully adjustable workholding pressure. Both thin-walled tubing and homogeneous bars can be cut with ease.

State of the art control system with integrated safety systems and functions make operating the machine safe and easy. With fully adjustable cutting speed and feed the perfect cutting result can be achieved, every time. Easy to use touchscreen HMI with "Recipe-Control" makes setups quick and efficient.

For technical information or a quote, please contact Koproma Engineeing via the contact menu.

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